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Frequently Asked Questions
Find answers to common questions about the features, availability, and device compatibility of our mobile apps.
What is YAHSHUA Payroll System?
How does YAHSHUA Payroll operate?
How does it work?
How can we secure our data is protected?
Where will our data be stored?
Who will have access to our data?
If we won’t subscribe after the 30 days trial, what will happen to our data?
Is this an online or offline system?
How fast is YAHSHUA Payroll?
What will happen to our data if the internet is down?
How tested is YP? How many clients are using YAHSHUA Payroll?
Is there a required browser or windows version to access the payroll web and mobile app? How about the timekeeper?
What is your advantage from other payroll software?
Is this a service or a subscription?
Can YAHSHUA Payroll be customized for the unique requirements of our company?
Is it possible to integrate YAHSHUA Payroll to our existing payroll software?
Do we still need to provide a server?
How many users can access your system?
If I give access to an employee, does that mean he/she can access all modules or features in YAHSHUA Payroll?
Can the system be only accessed with the IP address of the company?
Can your system compute taxes?
What are the policies we need to prepare?
How long will the implementation take?
Will there be customer support?
Can we easily change the employee schedule in the system?
How will the employees working from home or doing field work do the timekeeping?
How will YAHSHUA Payroll address the employee deductions, advances, loan, etc.?
Could we integrate our existing biometric to your system?
Is the system capable in generating reports like mandatory deductions and other type of compensations?
Can an employee change his/her schedule at that very moment?
We have several schedules, is your system capable in handling different type of schedules for multiple employees?
Can we request for additional reports that are not yet available in YAHSHUA Payroll?
How accurate are the computations in YAHSHUA Payroll?
Is your payroll solution expensive?
Is your pricing per company?
Is the payment monthly or annually?
How much does customization cost?
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