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Who are we and what we do.
YAHSHUA-ABBA started in 2008 as an manpower outsourcing company. Leveraging on it's knowledge in back office solutions in accounting, payroll, hr, and tax compliance, YAHSHUA-ABBA has since transformed itself to become a business solutions provider.
Today YAHSHUA-ABBA provides SaaS (susbcription as a service) products to businesses in the Philippines and worldwide. It has YAHSHUA Books Online for accounting services, YAHSHUA Tax Online for tax compliance services, and YAHSHUA Payrol Online for payroll services.
With years of experience in the industry, we are dedicated to providing top-notch business solutions systems tailored to the needs of the Philippine market. Our core values of accuracy, efficiency, and reliability drive us to deliver exceptional solutions that simplify payroll management and empower businesses to thrive.
Why we care about business and work.
At the heart of YAHSHUA-ABBA we want to be a blessing to every business owner, every employee, to every community in the world. We strongly believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and we believe that by being a blessing, we can share His name to the world as ministry in the work place.
We are not a religious organization, but we follow in the ways of Jesus Christ according to what is written in His Holy Word.
Our Partners
With our partners we have helped over 50,000+ business owners and employees all over the country.
Our team
Meet our experienced team in systems, business, and strategies.
Ptr. Ronnel Bayron, CPA
CEO of YAHSHUA Outsourcing Worldwide Inc. and
The ABBA Initiative
Pastor Ron Bayron, CEO at The ABBA Initiative and YAHSHUA Outsourcing, and recognized in IT and BPO consultancy. Ptr. Ron boasts an extensive career, having held pivotal roles at leading corporations like San Miguel Corporation and Del Monte Philippines, Inc. He is the champion of digital transformation for SMEs over the past 15 years. His professional acumen is further enhanced by rigorous training from the Asian Institute of Management and the Singapore Institute of Management.

Ptr. Ron's sectoral experience encompasses real estate, construction, manufacturing, service industries, retail and distribution, healthcare, hospitality, NGOs, and BPOs. He holds a certification as a Certified Public Accountant, underscoring his proficiency in financial and strategic business management.

Ptr. Ron is also an active member of both the Business & Management Consultants Association in the Philippines and the Philippine Institute of CPAs, reflecting his dedication to professional growth and excellence in his field.
Juvy Claro-Lasta, CPA
President of YAHSHUA Outsourcing Worldwide Inc.
Juvy Claro-Lasta holds the position of President at YAHSUA Outsourcing Worldwide, Inc., where she leverages her extensive IT and BPO consulting expertise. Since 2009, she has been instrumental in implementing back office and internal controls procedures, significantly enhancing operational efficiencies across various industries.

Juvy's role involves critical auditing and financial reporting tasks, which she performs with a high degree of precision and professionalism. Her leadership in digital transformation projects for SMEs and multinational companies is particularly noteworthy. Under her guidance, these enterprises have achieved significant advancements in integrating digital technologies, which have propelled their growth and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Juvy's educational background includes a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy from Mindanao State University, supplemented by specialized training at the Asian Institute of Management. Her diverse sector experience spans real estate, construction, manufacturing, service industries, retail and distribution, healthcare, hospitality, and NGO and BPO services.
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